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Dear Reader:

Over the last 4 decades, I’ve gotten great advice and actionable ideas from business and success books.

And my favorites are a set of classics I refer to as “the little success books.”

These little success books are like gems: small but valuable.

Many of them you can read in under 60 minutes. And each delivers priceless wisdom that can improve your business, your career, your relationships, and your life!

Now, to help you profit from these precious pearls of wisdom, I’m offering 7 of the most important and influential of these works in my new “Library of Little Success Books.”

So with a few mouse clicks, you can get all 7 classic self-improvement guides allat once. And because they are ebooks, you can download them and start reading within the next 3 minutes. Also, there is of course no shipping and handling charge for these digital masterpieces.

Your cost: less than the price of dinner for two.
The potential value? Priceless!

Just look at all you get with our Library of Little Success Books … for pennies on the dollar!

#1—A Technique for Producing Ideas by James Webb Young. LIst price: $29. A successful ad man and mail order merchant shares his proven 5-step method for coming up with new ideas -- for starting a new business, creating winning ads, inventing new products, and more. He also shows how to determine whether the idea is likely to succeed. Covers:

  • The power of sustained thought. Page 11.
  • A new definition of original ideas. Page 7.
  • The formula of experience. Page 3.
  • The training of your mind. Page 5.
  • Gathering the raw materials for ideas. Page 6.
  • And more.

#2—As a Man Thinketh by James Allen. List price: $29. Shows that if you can control your thoughts, you can control your life. Advertising great William Bernbach says, “Mr. Young is in the tradition of some of our greatest thinkers when he describes the workings of the creative process.

You will learn how to:

  • Improve your character through application of willpower. Page 1.
  • Change your thoughts to better your circumstances. Page 2.
  • Improve your health with the power of your mind. Page 8.
  • How to acquire good habits. Page 9.
  • Develop and pursue your primary purpose in life. Page 9.
  • And more.

#3—Acres of Diamonds by Russell Conwell. List price: $29. The message of Conwell’s famous lecture, “Acres of Diamonds,” is that you do not have to search for and seek out riches and success across the country or in all corners of the world. You can find success, wealth, and happiness right in your own backyard.

“The lecture is vibrant with [Conwell’s] energy,” wrote Robert Shackleton. “It flashes with his hopefulness. It is full of his enthusiasm. It is packed full of his intensity. It stands for the possibilities of success in every one. Dr. Conwell has delivered it over 5,000 times.”

In Acres of Diamonds, you will discover:

  • How to transform your dreams into reality. Page 29.
  • How to go from failure to success. Page 32.
  • How to accomplish goals other people say are impossible. Page 40.
  • A proven technique for using humor in your talks while staying on track. Page 41.
  • The secret to inspiring others. Page 45.
  • And more.

#4—The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale. List price: $29.The author estimates that only 5% of people achieve financial independence by age 65. His solution is his belief that “We become what we think about” – so your thoughts control your destiny:

  • The world’s most accurate definition of success. Page 1.
  • How having goals can help you do better in life, Page 4.
  • The payoff of continuous hard work toward a goal, Page 6.
  • The strangest secret in the world. Page 9.
  • 5 simple steps for achieving outrageous success, Page 11.
  • And more.

#5—The Art of Money Getting by P.T. Barnum. List price: $29.The great showman and entrepreneur reveals how to earn more and accumulate more money through a combination of business and personal strategies.

In The Art of Getting Money, you’ll find Barnum’s most effective rules for making money, including:

  • The secret of superior customer service. Page 23.
  • Selecting the best location for your business. Page 7.
  • The value of creating systems. Page 17.
  • Move forward toward your goal with intense focus. Page 17.
  • The power of perseverance. Page 10.
  • And more.

#6—The Law by Frederic Bastiat. List price: $29.Outlines a moral and ethical way to derive life and enjoyment from a perpetual application of your facilities to objects or from work – without seizing and appropriating the productions of other people, which he says is plunder.


  • How to maintain your personal liberty. Page 1.
  • The dire consequence of avoiding labor. Page 3.
  • How to stop others from taking what is yours. Page 10.
  • Problems inherent in Socialism and what to do about them. Page 14.
  • The power of instruction and instruments of labor. Page 24.
  • And more.

#7—What You Can Do With Your Willpower by Russell Herman Conwell. List price: $29.Why and how sheer willpower, iron determination, and perseverance are the keys to success in every facet of life:

  • The 10-year formula for evaluating your business ideas, Page 3.
  • Adjust yourself to stay on the right path. Page 4.
  • The #1 mistake that can destroy your chances for success. Page 5.
  • Put your awesome personal power at your command. Page 12.
  • How millionaires discover their fortune. Page 3.
  • And more.

Act now and save $164.

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